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Being the primary and the life-saving medical products, the specially designed and made bandage boxes are made with the standards set by the FDA. As the bandage is made with the exceptionally clean and hygienically pure cotton, this is required to be kept protected from the germs. Similarly, bandage boxes are made for the different sizes and the types of the bandages. But, one common aspect in all types of the custom bandage packaging boxes is; the usage of the high-quality and hygienically safe cardboard used by the packaging of bandage boxes. We offer the finest finishing options like Aqueous coating or the spot UV coating for a decent look of the boxes.

As the major enemy of the bandage is the environmental forces, such as the dirt, dust, moisture and other environmental pollutants, the bandage box packaging is made with the thick, strong and lightweight cardboard. Custom bandage boxes are made with cardboard separators to keep the bandages, separated from each other. For the packing and the ease in the usage, the bandage boxes are made with the flip lids at the top side. The bandage packaging boxes are printed with the images and the necessary text. 

Commonly the printed bandage boxes have the images for the safe and secure application of the bandage imprinted on them. For the printing of the text upon the bandage packaging boxes, the CMYK basic colors are applied. But, for the printing of the necessary instructions for the safe delivery and the storage of the bandage boxers, the text is printed as directed by the Food & Drug Authority. We offer affordable rates with great services.

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